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Check out our range of free downloadable lesson plans and activities designed to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Wonderful water

We teamed up with Tesco to show children from four schools how water gets from our reservoirs and rivers to your taps and showers and back again.

You can also find out why water is so important to us all by watching our online field trip video, filmed at our reservoir in Farmoor, Oxfordshire:

Fit to drink

Watch our exclusive online film featuring Olympic gold medalist Andy Triggs Hodge who explains why drinking water is so important:

From tap to toilet

From Tap to Toilet In the UK water is a resource that’s often taken for granted, but this short film will show you there is more to the process than you might think.

'From Tap to Toilet' gives a behind the scenes view of Thames Water and how our drinking water is treated before it gets to our homes.

It also shows us the process of cleaning sewage before it can be returned to our rivers and into the water cycle, and how we are able to create energy from your waste!

Learn about drought - lesson plan

Help your students understand what drought is and why it happens.

Water Wise assembly pack

Get the whole school involved in a fun and entertaining assembly and show students of all ages that everybody can really make a difference by using water wisely.

Water Matters resource

A guide to help you encourage schoolchildren to investigate and consider the ways in which they use water, both at school and in their homes.

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