Walthamstow angling academy

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Our angling academy helps us engage with the next generation of customers, and educates young people on their part in society and the environment.

Where you'll find us

Walthamstow Reservoir

About angling

Angling is recognised as a powerful engagement tool, particularly with those who have shown challenging behaviour in the past.

We can adapt our approach to help you get what you need out of the day.

To book an angling academy session, contact Will Barnard at walthamstow.fishing@thameswater.co.uk.

About Walthamstow reservoirs

There are ten individual reservoirs that make up Walthamstow Reservoir, offering fantastic opportunities for budding anglers. Some of are also Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as they have rich bird habitat and terrestrial fauna.

More about Walthamstow reservoirs

Disabled access

Our specialist venue has excellent physical access. It features complete level entry into the classroom as well as around the converted lake itself, and is endorsed by the British Disabled Angling Association.

Utilising good quality angling equipment with fully-qualified coaches, the Angling Trust consider the academy a flagship site.

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