Baker Street sewer upgrade

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We have started work to strengthen our sewer pipes in your area. Once the work is finished, the sewer will be much stronger and will ensure that we provide a top quality service.

Working hours

Our working hours will be 24hr working from Monday to Friday, Saturday 7am to 11pm and Sunday 8am to 3pm.

How long will it take?

Our work started early December and is due to take approximately 6 months. We will be working on Baker Street between Porter Street and Marylebone Road and in the sewer pipes underground. Our team will access our sewer pipes via the manhole outside 136 Baker Street.

How you’re affected?

We’ll be restricting some parking and loading bays. We’ll clearly mark it out at the time and we’ll make sure our work doesn’t stop you from getting home. Please see on street signage for parking suspensions.

We will be taking regular deliveries of equipment which will be transported by hand through the manhole outside 136 Baker Street and into the sewer pipe below ground.

The manhole outside The Francis Holland School on Park Road will be sectioned off with barriers to allow emergency exit from the sewer if required. There will also be a welfare unit in place in this location.

Our site cabins and welfare unit will be located on Bickenhall street outside Bickenhall Mansions. In order to provide welfare facilities we will have an Eco friendly generator in use. We will do our best to keep noise disruption to an absolute minimum.

Footpaths and pavements will be maintained, so please continue to visit the high street, shops and businesses which are all open as usual.

Contact us

Please ask our team on site as they’re always happy to help. Once again you can get in touch with us on 0800 316 9800, selecting option one and quoting the reference number BB970534. If you are a business customer you may wish to contact your Retailer for any additional information relating to our work.