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Key principles

The Board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and recognises that good governance is fundamental to helping the business deliver its strategy and essential service to millions of customers every day. The Board ensures that the Company’s governance processes align with the UK Corporate Governance Code and Ofwat’s Principles of Board Leadership, Transparency and Governance, which are built in to our own governance framework. In addition, as part of its principles Ofwat considers that the Disclosure and Transparency Rules (“DTR”) set out the standard of disclosure that regulated companies should operate, whether they be publicly or privately owned. The Company endeavours, where applicable, to comply with DTR. A copy of our Key Governance Principles can be found below.

Committee structure

Throughout the financial year 2016/17 Thames Water had four standing committees, each of which is described in more detail in individual reports in the Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The workload of the committees includes the scheduled meetings during the year in addition to any ad hoc meetings, workshops and written updates, frequently requiring considerable amounts of time. All Directors are routinely invited to attend board committee meetings in addition to the nominated committee members.

Articles of association

Thames Water Utilities Limited Articles of Association can be found below:

Thames Water shares

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