Our five-year plan for 2010 to 2015

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The water industry works in five-year planning cycles, in which proposals are submitted to our regulator, Ofwat, to determine future bill limits for customers and the investment companies can make.

Since 2007, we have carried out extensive research with customers to fully understand the services they want and how much they value these services.

Customers have told us that they want us to maintain services at the high levels they have come to expect.

Other priorities include reducing the number of properties at risk of sewer flooding, cutting leakage, ensuring people have safe and reliable water supplies, taking into account forecast population growth and the impacts of climate change.

In planning for the future, our plan reflects the wants and needs of our customers, the value they place on the services we provide and delivers at the right price, time and place so that customers get services at the lowest cost.

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