Planning your future water supply 

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We’re planning ahead to make sure we have enough water in the future.

Family using a water butt.

Water is essential for everything we do - from having a drink, to washing our clothes, and flushing the loo. It’s also essential for a healthy environment and a prosperous economy.

Many people think there is plenty of water in the UK, but the South East of England is one of its driest regions and London gets less rain than Rome, Dallas and even Sydney. Our water supplies are being stretched further and further as the number of people living in our area increases. We have to plan ahead, because the choices we make today will shape the water supply we can provide in the future.

Every 5 years we produce a water resources management plan (WRMP) which sets out how we will provide a secure and sustainable supply of water for our customers now and in the future, and support economic growth.

In February 2018 we published our draft Plan covering the next 80 years, from 2020 to 2100, and asked for your feedback. We are currently considering the comments that we received and will publish a report in August 2018 to explain the changes to our draft Plan as a result of the feedback.

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