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Our ThamesGrow range of biosolid products are generated from the wastewater/sewage treatment process from our 365 sewage treatment works and 32 sludge treatment centres across the south east.

ThamesGrow biosolid products are high organic matter fertilisers and soil conditioners which provide a rich source of slow release nutrients.

Suitable for application on a wide range of combinable and forage crops throughout the growing season, our products will help to build strong and healthy harvests.


About our products

Conventional digested biosolid:

We treat the wastewater and return the resulting clean water back to the environment. Any remaining waste is stored in an oxygen free tank, called an anaerobic digester.

The biogas created is used to power many of our sites as a source of renewable energy and the organic matter left behind is then heated to a high temperature.

The resulting biosolid is a fully compliant product which is pressed ready for delivery.

Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) biosolid:

At some of our larger sludge treatment centres we use steam to release more energy which results in a much dryer product to conventional digestion.

Lime biosolid:

We blend our biosolid with quicklime (CaO) which gives the benefit of a higher neutralising value. This product is limited to a few key areas.

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