Primary school resources

Have you ever wondered how your water gets from the reservoir to your tap? Or how much water you use every day – and where it goes when you’ve finished with it?

We have loads of exciting ideas to get pupils exploring water, along with teacher resources that support the curriculum - from geography and science, to literacy and numeracy.

Wonderful water

Watch the video to understand how water gets from our reservoirs and rivers, to your taps and showers, and back again.

Fit to drink

Watch the video to understand why drinking water is so important to keep us fit and healthy

From tap to toilet

Watch the video to understand how drinking water and sewage is treated, and how we’re able to create energy from your waste!

Learn about drought - lesson plan

Help your students understand what drought is and why it happens.

Water Wise assembly pack

Get the whole school involved in a fun and entertaining assembly, and show students of all ages that everyone can make a difference by using water wisely.

Water Matters resource

A guide to help you encourage students to investigate and consider the ways in which they use water, both at school and in their homes.

Water Cycles

Use our interactive tool to learn about the water cycle and how we treat water and sewage.

Launch Water Cycles

Thames Tideway Tunnel

Visit the Tunnelworks website to download presentations, teachers’ notes and student packs which explain the science and maths behind the design, construction, and operation of the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Visit the Tunnelworks website