Community projects

We support various charitable projects across our supply area of the Thames Valley and London through our Charities Committee.

Below are just some of the projects we have supported recently.

The Ahoy Centre, Deptford, London

The Ahoy Centre is a watersports based charity. The Centre’s primary objective is giving opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk youths and offering opportunities for disabled people to participate in activities and courses on an equal level.

We were able to provide them with a grant that was used to purchase boat building materials to support their boat building apprenticeships. The resulting boat was their very first Thames Watermen cutter rowing boat.

Clair Ongley of The Ahoy Centre says:-

“The funding received from Thames Water was a tremendous help in launching our new boat building apprenticeship programme. Not only were we able to build our first Thames Watermen Cutter on-site but this “home- grown” cutter went on to win the 2013 Great River Race Watermen Cutter League - the first time our charity has won in this prestigious event! The introduction of this new programme at The AHOY Centre charity has also brought back boat building skills to this area of London - once famous for its Tudor ship building and dockyards. We are very grateful for the funding and support from Thames Water which enables us to continue our charity’s work and helps us to “change people’s lives” “

Visit The Ahoy Centre website

Kids, Hackney, London

We provided a grant to support their ‘Love the Lea’ project in conjunction with Thames 21 which runs over the summer. They work with around 90 disabled children in Hackney and the project helps connect the children with their local river. They run trips to discover wildlife and to help them understand water pollution, with a focus on plastic in the river.

Visit the KIDS’ Adventure Playground website

Surrey Care Trust, Woking, Surrey

We provided funding for the Surrey Care Trust’s Swingbridge boats initiative. The trust was set up to help disadvantaged families, young people and vulnerable adults. The Swingbridge programme gives these groups the opportunity to access activities like boat crewing, environmental conservation and boat trips for the elderly. The funding paid for activities and equipment needed to undertake a river maintenance programme.

Visit the Swingbridge boats initiative website

Helen & Douglas House, Oxford

A grant was made to refurbish the therapeutic bathroom in Douglas House. This part of the hospice is for young adults with complex medical problems who are facing a terminal diagnosis. 93% of the residents are in a wheelchair and therefore getting into a bath without specialist equipment is extremely difficult. The bath moves up and down to assist in the process of hoisting patients in and out.  Many of the young adults find it impossible to take baths at home so using the bath at H&D is their only chance to do so.


Visit the Helen and Douglas house website

If you would like to apply to our Charities Committee for support, please visit our ‘Apply for support’ page.

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