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Working in partnership with a wide range of organisations across our region is an excellent way in which to share knowledge, combine resources and make a bigger difference to the environment and communities within which we all live and work.

We work with national, regional and local organisations and groups to protect and enhance the natural and historic environment, provide opportunities for local communities, make our operations more sustainable, and plan for the future.

We also have an international impact - working with WaterAid, we help fund water and sanitation projects overseas that make a real difference to the lives of people in the developing world.

Some of our current partnerships are listed below. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it gives an idea of the range of partners we are working with. You can find out more about these organisations or groups by visiting their websites.

Forum for the Future

Our partnership is focussed on planning and operating our business in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. This is 'sustainability'.

Adopting a sustainable approach ensures we are able to deliver the same or enhanced levels of service into the future, whilst also protecting the environment, operating responsibly within the communities we serve, and providing effective stewardship of our assets.

It means that future generations should not be disadvantaged by the actions our business decides to take today.

Visit the Forum for the Future website


We are proud supporters of WaterAid, an international charity dedicated to helping people in developing countries gain access to safe water, sanitation services and hygiene education.

Our strategic partnership with WaterAid has seen various activities undertaken by our employees and pensioners to raise funds for vital projects around the world.

Find out more about our work with WaterAid

Natural England

We work hard to protect and enhance wildlife on our landholdings and across the wider catchment, as well as to promote public access and recreation on our land where possible. We often carry out this work in partnership with Natural England.

Visit the Natural England website

Historic England

We work with Historic England to minimise the archaeological impacts of our work and to protect and enhance the important cultural heritage sites that we own, including Listed Buildings, historic features and nationally important Scheduled Monuments.

We run several partnerships with dedicated volunteer groups too, for example the Kempton Great Engines Trust and the Crossness Engines Trust.

Visit the Kempton Great Engines Trust

Visit the Crossness Engines Trust website

Business in the Community

We work with Business in the Community to benchmark and test our delivery of corporate responsibility.

In particular, we have been helping to develop a new tool - the "Community footprint" - to restructure our community investment programme of educational support, employee volunteering, charitable giving and access to our sites for recreational purposes.

Visit the Business in the Community website

Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (CLGCC)

As members of the CLGCC we are working in partnership with the Government to provide leadership on climate change as an issue affecting the UK public, UK businesses and governments and businesses internationally.

The group provides the opportunity to network, build relationships on common issues across industries and supports the progression of new legislation through the Government.

Visit the Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change website

London Climate Change Partnership

We are founder members of this steering group, that coordinates London's response in adapting to unavoidable climate change.

Through the partnership we are seeking to explain the issues we face as a result of climate change to a wider audience of stakeholders, including the impacts on water resources, sewer flooding and the risk of flooding from rivers.

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