2018/19 annual report and annual performance report

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Chairman - Ian Marchant

Rebuilding trust - our Interim Executive Chairman's review

We have continued to evolve during the year, reaching some important milestones as we realign the business around our customers, rebuild trust with stakeholders and ensure the sustainable provision of our essential services.

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Chief Finance Officer - Brandon Rennet

Sustainable and responsible financing - our Chief Financial Officer's review

We made the decision to increase investment in some critical areas during the year to drive longterm improvement. This saw investment levels, at £1.2 billion, break the £1 billion barrier once again, which is three times the annual investment compared to the five years pre-privatisation. Over the last 15 years we’ve invested over £15 billion in the business.

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Assurance plans 2019/20

Statement of Risks, Strengths and Weaknesses and Consultation on our Draft Assurance Plans 2019/20 - November 2019 update

Cost assessment tables 2018/19

Methodology statement 2018/19

Data assurance summary 2018/19

Assurance plans 2018/19

CCG Performance report 2018/19

Our 2020-25 Business Plan Reporting Risk and Assurance Plans

Our PR19 Assurance Summary

PR14 reconciliation commentary

180606 TTT 14-15 reconciliation

180613 Counters Creek adjustments v0.1

180614 leakage adjustment calc v0.1

PR19 RCV adjustments feeder model 01s - July 2018 update TMS 5

PR19 Revenue adjustments feeder model 01k - July 2018 update TMS 2.0

PR19 Revenue adjustments feeder model 01k - July 2018 update TMS 2.1

PR19 Revenue adjustments feeder model 01k - July 2018 update TMS 2.2

PR19 Business plan data tables June 2018 TMS (with TTT updates)

Table R9 Ofwat model v4

Totex Menu 20160517 change-log removed TMS 7 CC adj v2

Totex Menu 20160517 change-log removed TTT 6

WRFIM - Full AMP (excl TTT) v5d 080618 (June version)

WRFIM - Full AMP TTT only v5d 190718 (June version)

WS15 TMS 4


Documents as of 15.07.2019

TW-DT03-01-PR14 reconciliation commentary July 2019

TW-DT03-02-AR19 Wholesale Commentary Tables 3a & 3b - Outcome and submeasure performance

TW-DT03-PR19-Business-plan-data-tables-Past-Delivery TMS (1)

TW-FM17-PR19 RCV adjustments feeder model 01s - July 2018 update TMS 11

TW-FM18-01-Totex-Menu-2016-05-17-change-log-removed TMS 11

TW-FM18-02-Totex-Menu-2016-05-17-change-log-removed TTT 9

TW-FM19-pap_tec20160216hhrecon TMS Jul19 v2

TW-FM21-01-WRFIM - Full AMP (excl TTT) v8d 180619

TW-FM21-02-WRFIM - Full AMP TTT only v8d 180619

PR19PD011-Revenue-adjustments-feeder-model-01l-for-publication TMS 15.1

PR19PD011-Revenue-adjustments-feeder-model-01l-for-publication TMS 15.2

PR19PD011-Revenue-adjustments-feeder-model-01l-for-publication TMS 15.0

PR19PD011-Revenue-adjustments-feeder-model-01l-for-publication TMS 15.3