2017/18 annual report and annual performance report

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Chairman - Ian Marchant

My Thames Water journey so far - Our Chairman's review

Since starting the role in January, I’ve seen more evidence of the determination of everyone at Thames. It’s based on the reality that things haven’t gone as well as planned in recent years and that we need to rebuild trust with all stakeholders. In my mind our goal is simple. We need to focus on what we’re here to do, and to do it well.

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Chief Executive - Steve Robertson

A customer centric strategy - our Chief Executive's review

2017/18 has seen us thinking about our business through the eyes of our customers. As a result, we’ve been aligning everything - our structure, our supply partnerships, our Board, our brand purpose and our strategy – to get us into the best place to deliver our longer-term vision – to be ‘Here for you, in a changing world’.

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Chief Finance Officer - Brandon Rennet

Resilient and transparent finances - our Chief Financial Officer's review

Increasing transparency, as a key step in building trust, is a high priority and I am very pleased that Sir Tony Redmond, who chairs the Finance Sub-committee of Thames’ Customer Challenge Group, agreed to ask me some of the big questions on behalf of customers.

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