Our 5 year plan for 2020 to 2025

The water industry works in five year periods and our business planning reflects that. We’re currently developing our next business plan for 2020-2025 (PR19 - Price Review 19), based on the insight we have collected from nearly a million customers. We published our draft plan on 3 September 2018, the same day we submitted it to our regulator Ofwat. They’ll review it and provide feedback for us to review. We’ll then work to get our plan agreed by summer 2019. Watch the video to find out more.

Our board have been heavily engaged in the development of our business plan, specifically around three key focus areas: customer, innovation, and resilience. Watch the videos below to hear our board members talk more about them.

VIDEO: OneThames with Steve Robertson

VIDEO: Customer Focus with Dame Deidre Hutton and Lorraine Baldry

VIDEO: Innovation Focus with Kenton Bradbury, Ian Pearson and Sarah McMath

VIDEO: Resilience Focus with Kenton Bradbury, Ian Pearson and Greg Pestrak

PR19 stands for Price Review 2019, it’s the formal name for the process of developing our five-year Business Plan. Every five years, all water companies in England and Wales develop business plans that look at the services they should be delivering to their customers. Ofwat (the water industries economic regulator) reviews those plans and sets the upper limits companies can charge their customers over the next five year period – in this case, 2020 to 2025.

As part of this review, Ofwat also set the amount of money companies can invest over that period, to make sure the business plans are developed to give customers value for money. All water companies in the England and Wales submit their draft plans to Ofwat by 3 September 2018 at the latest.

Key dates

By 3 September 2018 – Our Draft Business Plan is submitted to Ofwat

3 September 2018 – Our Draft Business Plan is published online

28 September 2018 – We present our Draft Business Plan to Ofwat

End January 2019 – Ofwat provides a complete response to our draft plan

End December 2019 – Ofwat publish final determination of our plan

Additional downloads

Please see below for supporting documentation on PR19, including our Customer Challenge Group (CCG) report, Board Assurance Statement, Consolidated Data Tables and Ofwat Business Plan Template.

CCG independent report

Board assurance statement

Consolidated data tables

Business Plan summary proforma

Bill waterfall model

Business Plan proforma guidance tables

Appendix 1 - Past performance and lessons learnt

Appendix 2 - Engaging and delivering for our customers

Appendix 3 - Affordability and vulnerability

Appendix 4 - Resilience

Appendix 5 - Innovation

Appendix 6 - Risk and return

Appendix 7 - Efficiency

Appendix 8 - Making use of markets

Appendix 9 - Delivering trust, confidence and assurance

Future of the water sector - Service Incentive Mechanism

Approach to input price inflation for the retail household price control

The approach to outcomes at PR19

Towards a risk and reward framework for PR19

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How we engaged with our customers to build our business plan

Our aim has always been to produce a customer-centric business plan, built by us and driven by our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Over the last few years, we’ve gathered insight from nearly one million customers. We first went out on a broad basis to understand customers’ overall priorities for water and wastewater services, then went through further consultation stages. Lastly, we asked for customer feedback on specific areas of the plan.

We used a variety of channels for our customer engagement, including:

  • A dedicated microsite
  • Roadshows
  • Shopping centre events
  • A bespoke digital campaign including social media posts and Facebook content
  • Local engagement forums (LEFs)
  • Billing leaflets
  • An interactive customer engagement tool - a finalist in the category of ‘best innovation in customer engagement’ at the National Engage Awards in November 2017.

Watch the video to see how we engaged with customers to gather feedback during our roadshows.

If you have any queries, would like further information or want to see any more of our PR19 documents, please email: strategicbusiness.planning@thameswater.co.uk