What are people saying about the Thames Tideway Tunnel?

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The Thames Tideway Tunnel will protect the Thames in our own lifetimes and for generations to come, and has been welcomed by many of those who use the river.

Recreation on the Thames.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel heralds one of the most important milestones in the history and the health of the river for more than a century. It is a vital piece of the capital's infrastructure that will help London’s growth and will build on the huge improvements made to water quality in the River Thames over the past 50 years.

Sir Philip Dilley, former Chairman of the Environment Agency

I am sure my great-great-great-grandfather will be smiling up above at this news. The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a long overdue, much needed extension of the sewerage system he masterminded all those years ago.

It's refreshing to see that today as a country we can still make the right long-term decisions to ensure we have the basic infrastructure in place, for the benefit of many generations to come. Along with other plans underway, we should applaud the greening of our capital city.

Peter Bazalgette

This is the news we have been waiting to hear, ever since our organisation was set up in 1962, with the specific aim of tackling pollution on the Thames, from source to sea.

We could not be happier. It is a great day for all our members, campaigning to ensure the river realises its full potential, not just environmentally but recreationally and economically too.

Peter Finch, Chairman, River Thames Society

As a keen Thames rower, I have seen for myself all too frequently the devastating pollution caused by the contents of London’s toilets pouring untreated into the river.

It’s fantastic to know that the solution is confirmed at last. In seven years’ time, I think everyone will ask - why on earth did we not do it sooner?

Conor Newman Walley, founder of Rowers Against Thames Sewage

I know that the army of willing volunteers who help us protect the Thames and its tributaries from pollution in all weathers will be thrilled at this news.

The same applies to the members of all the organisations that have campaigned so hard for the project to go ahead, under the banner of ‘Thames Tunnel Now’. Representing five million people, our collective goal of a cleaner, healthier River Thames is in sight at last.

I look forward to helping make the project happen over the next eight years. The most important thing will be to maximise the benefits it brings, particularly in relation to improving public access to the river. For too long London has turned its back on the river. It’s time for that to change.