Application Process

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Our traineeship programme is now open for recruitment.

The application process

There are three stages to the application process which are listed below:

Stage 1 - Let us know you are interested

To let us know you are interested in applying for one of our Traineeships you can click the pink button above and we'll be in touch.

Alternatively, you can email phone 0118 9520106.

Then we can let you know the roles we have available in your area and have a chat with you to help you to understand the role in more details.


Stage 2 - Attend an Interest Day

This is not a formal interview but we do ask that if you come along you have thought about why you are interested in the role and what you think you could bring to Thames Water.

We want you to show your passion for these roles and also your dedication and commitment to completing a traineeship.

Stage 3 - Assessment Centre

The assessment centre is the final stage of the recruitment process.

Here we will put you through a number of assessments, including an interview to see how you would fit in with our teams here at Thames Water and to really understand your motivations for completing our Traineeship.

It is also really important that you ask questions and decide if Thames Water is the right place for you.

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