Be water smart: Take the 10 litre challenge!

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Be water smart: take the 10 litre challenge!

Thames Water customers are being encouraged to help keep taps flowing during the heatwave by taking part in a new a water-saving challenge.

The 10 litre challenge is inspiring customers to make simple changes to reduce their daily water use and help ease pressure on record levels of demand, as well as the longer term impacts of climate change and population growth.

The average customer typically uses 143 litres of water each day. If each of Thames Water’s 10 million customers saved just 10 litres the equivalent of 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools – or 100 million litres – would be saved every day.

Andrew Tucker, water efficiency manager at Thames Water, said: “We’ve really ramped up our water saving efforts to meet the record demand levels during the ongoing heatwave.

“That’s why we’re also asking our customers to care for water as much as possible and see if there are any simple changes they can make to help ensure there is enough to go around, and prevent the need for restrictions later in the year.

“Water is a precious resource and, with a growing population and impact of climate change, there will continue to be pressure on the supplies in our region.”

Customers across London and the Thames Valley are urged to share their top tips on social media using the hashtag #10Lchallenge. These include:

  • Turning the tap off while brushing your teeth
  • Taking a shorter, four minute shower rather than a bath
  • Let your lawn go brown, it will bounce back
  • Not washing your car
  • Fix leaky loos or dripping taps
  • Using the dishwasher and washing machine only when full

Tucker added: “These are all small and simple changes, but if we all pull together we can save millions of litres in our communities. Saving water not only preserves supplies but is also important to protect the environment where we get our water from.”

The 10 litre challenge campaign will see various adverts posted on YouTube and Twitter, with a page on the company’s website dedicated to offering more tips and advice.

Thames Water is pumping an extra 450 million litres into its network – 17 per cent more than normal – to cope with high levels of demand during the heatwave, with a record 1,000 leaks a week being fixed across the underground pipe network.

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