Companies join effort to save water during heatwave

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Companies join effort to save water during heatwave

Businesses across Slough, High Wycombe and Aylesbury are the latest to join the mission to save water during the ongoing heatwave.

Thames Water engineers have visited dozens of companies over the past two weeks to fix internal leaks for free and offer a wide range of water efficiency tips and advice.

‘Smarter business visits’ have so far saved tens of thousands of litres, including leaky loos fixed at the Aylesbury Holiday Inn, several old pipes and showers disconnected at the famous Stoke Mandeville sports complex and untreated water delivered in tankers to garden centres for plants.

Andrew Tucker, water efficiency manager at Thames Water, said: “This is a team effort and together we’re making a real difference. Businesses have a huge part to play by reducing the amount they’re using, in every way possible, and these visits have been crucial to helping us meet record demand.”

Work taking place with the business community includes fixing any leaking appliances such as toilets, taps or dishwashers. People can take shorter showers and not wash their cars to help at home, while all can turn off sprinklers and hosepipes, as brown lawns will quickly bounce back.

Sunith Bose, hotel manager at Holiday Inn Aylesbury, said: “We’re a responsible business so when the Thames Water engineers offered to carry out repairs on some leaky loos and dripping taps, we jumped at the chance. It’s been really worthwhile. We’re the sixth biggest water user in the area so it’s great to know we’re saving water that other people in the community can use.”

Helen Wood, owner of the Broad Leys pub in Aylesbury, said: “The visit was brilliant. The engineers were really good, they fixed some leaking taps and loos, and nothing was too much trouble for them. It’s great to know we’re saving water.”

Peter Marks, owner of the Lost Sock Launderette, pictured above with two Thames Water engineers, had a leaky loo and dripping tap, added: “I would recommend the visits 100 per cent. The guys were so helpful, and now we’re saving hundreds of litres of water every day. I’ve already told some of the other businesses to book visits in – it’s really worth it and means there’s more water for people to use.”