Compensation announced after water supplies return to normal

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Compensation announced after water supplies return to normal

Thames Water has announced details of its compensation scheme for customers and schools affected by weather-related supply interruptions.

The freezing conditions and snow followed by a rapid thaw had a major impact on water companies across the UK. A surge in leaks and bursts triggered water supply interruptions, which have now been resolved.

There remain isolated cases where households are experiencing supply issues and we are working throughout this weekend to address any outstanding interruptions.

Thames Water will compensate affected customers over and above the statutory minimum of £20 for more than 12 hours’ interruption. Customers will receive £30 if they were affected for between four and 12 hours, rising to £150 for up to 72 hours. Full details are available on the homepage.

Customers will not have to make a claim to receive compensation, and the company will be writing to those affected soon.

Thames Water is aware that the supply interruptions led to the closure of some local schools and apologised for the disruption caused to teaching staff, parents and pupils. In recognition of this, it will make discretionary payments of £2,500 to each school and offer an education package of visits to Thames Water sites and talks by staff on STEM subjects.

The event was both large in scale and technically complex to resolve.

Thames Water’s CEO Steve Robertson said: “We’re really sorry for the disruption to water supplies. We completely understand the distress and inconvenience it caused and it is right that customers and schools affected are properly compensated. This was a highly complex situation and we worked round the clock to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.”