Take a behind the scenes tour at Didcot sewage works

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It may not sound like the most glamorous day out day but members of the public who join a tour of Didcot sewage works are guaranteed a fascinating although somewhat fragrant experience so say organisers Thames Water.

Visitors to the open day, which takes place on Saturday April 28 from 10am until midday, will get a rare glimpse into how Thames Water transforms Didcot’s sewage into clean river water during a tour of the site, which treats waste water from around 37,000 people in and around the town.

During the tour they will see how solid matter is initially filtered out of waste water, and see for themselves the problems caused by unflushable items such as wipes, which regularly clog up the machinery at the site as well as blocking the pipes that feed into it. They’ll also see the other stages of the sewage treatment process before visiting the point where the fully cleaned up water is released into the environment.

Deena McKinney, who will be leading the tour said: “When we hold open days we always find they’re really popular as people are fascinated by what we do with all the waste water that leaves their homes. They’re also amazed just how big an impact the things they pour and flush away have on our equipment and the environment. Young people in particular love the yuk factor that inevitably is associated with a sewage works, so our open days are designed to be suitable for anyone aged seven and upwards. We hope lots of people will come and join us.”

 Places on the open day are limited so anyone interested should email education@thameswater.co.uk to book their slot. Additional open days are planned for June 30 and September 15.