Improvements to deliver 'lasting benefit' to Ridgeway Path

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Ridgeway Photo

Thames Water is helping to create a new path that will give pedestrians and cyclists a more convenient route between Cory Bridge and Sporting Club Thamesmead.

The new shared use footpath will see lighting discs to mark the edge of the path installed on the surface and an access ramp to create a new link to Southmere Park. Existing gates will be upgraded and new signs installed.

The improvement work started on March 27 and will last approximately 12 weeks, during which the path will be closed to the public. Signs will be in place to guide path users around the site. 

Thames Water’s Claudia Innes said: “We're delighted to be working alongside the London Borough of Bexley to get this exciting new project off the ground. The work will enhance the local environment and create a better place for people to live, travel and work. In partnership, we hope to achieve a much wider and lasting benefit for the Ridgeway Path.”

Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Growth, Cllr Linda Bailey, added: “I’m pleased to see work getting started at the Ridgeway to create a much safer and more usable connection between north and south Thamesmead. This project is a great example of what we can achieve for the community with the support our partners.”

The council and Thames Water have agreed a management and maintenance plan for the route to make sure the improvements are looked after in the future.

The scheme is funded by Thames Water, the London Borough of Bexley and Peabody. Project partners include the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the North West Kent Countryside Partnership (NWKCP).