Thames Water continuing to 'work flat out' to restore supplies

Last reviewed:
The number of Thames Water customers without water or experiencing low pressure is steadily reducing and now down to around 5,000.

Demand during the busy period in the early morning was lower than expected and we are really grateful to our customers for helping out by using as little water as possible - ‘we said it would really help and it has’ - and for their general understanding.

We are sorry to all our customers who are still without water or have low pressure.  We have been working flat out over the weekend and today to get things back to normal, with 138 repair gangs fixing more than 250 leaks per day and 147 technicians working around the clock on the network and moving water around to where it is needed.

We were well prepared with ample supplies of bottled water and have had more than sixty office-based employees who volunteered to hand it out to our customers at six locations.  They have also been delivering bottles to vulnerable customers who need help in collecting water.  In total, we have now distributed almost a million litres.

We know that customers have been having difficulty in contacting us so we closed our billing centre today and redeployed all the agents to take operational calls.  This has reduced waiting times to less than 30 seconds.

Although the situation is recovering we do still need to ask for help from our customers who do have water.  If they could please continue to use water as carefully as possible it will help us get things back to normal as quickly as possible.  

We would also ask domestic and business customers to help by getting leaks on their own properties fixed quickly to reduce demand.