Crossness water voles

Water voles are fully protected in England but are the fastest declining mammal in the UK.

Water voles are the largest of Britain's voles and are often confused with brown rats. However, water voles have very small ears and a furry tail whilst rats have large ears and a bald tail. Water voles also have a blunt muzzle, unlike the pointed nose of a rat.

Our Crossness Nature Reserve and Southern Marshes have been identified as one of London's strongholds for water voles. We are doing all we can to protect this important population by ensuring the habitat at Crossness remains ideal for them.

Crossness water voles

The water voles enjoy living in a 1.2 hectare reedbed as well as two new reed-fringed ditches, created especially for them.

Baby voles

The favourable living conditions, good food source, access to clean water and being kept out of harm's way from predators is helping them in produce lots of babies.

We're looking forward to welcoming our new family of Water Voles back to Crossness next Spring. 
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