Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2018/19

This report reflects our nine sustainability themes and tells more of the story behind our operational performance for the year ending 31 March 2019. Our second Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) statement brings together four years of key ESG measures in an accessible and transparent format.



Read introductions from our Interim Chairman and Sustainability Director and find out how we’re becoming a more sustainable business.

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Water, a precious resource

Discover how we’re actively managing our current water resources and what we’re doing to plan for the future.

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Sustainable drainage and wastewater management

Read about how we’re working hard to make sure our sewerage network and treatment works are as resilient as possible.

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Addressing climate change

Learn about our response to climate change including self-generation of renewable electricity and our 2030 net zero carbon emissions commitment.

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Ensuring responsible operations

Read about how we’re being a good neighbour and our positive contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Putting our customers first

Find out about the various support services we provide for our more vulnerable customers and what we’re doing to improve customer service.

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Delivering efficient operations

Find out how we’re building a diverse supply community and how we’re reducing reliance on natural resources by contributing to the circular economy.

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Sustainable and safe workforce

Discover more on our industry leading health, safety and wellbeing approaches and how we strive to recruit and develop the best people.

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Long-term sustainable financing

Read about how we’re increasing resilience and diversity in our funding portfolio and making our financing more sustainable.

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