Investing in our network

Building a sustainable future

We invest around £1bn each year on improving our water and wastewater network.


Improvements in your area

Our local projects to improve the service you receive.

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Victorian mains replacement

We've replaced more than 1,600 miles of old water mains to reduce leaks and bursts and improve supplies for a growing population.

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Trunk mains review

We commissioned an independent review of our trunk main network. 

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Mogden Sewage Treatment Works

One of the largest sewage treatment works in the UK, Mogden covers an area of 55 hectares.

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Bulk metering project

We're organising a study in several areas to locate leaking water mains so we can stop water being wasted and plan future investment.

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Sewerage catchment studies

We have a five year plan that will help save over 2,100 properties who currently suffer from sewer flooding.

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Drainage strategies

In addition to our catchment studies we are developing drainage strategies for affected catchments to explain how we will alleviate their sewer flooding.

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Twenty 4 Twenty

We'll be contributing £20m over the next 5 years towards projects delivering sustainable drainage such as rain gardens, swales and permeable paving.

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Tackling sewer flooding

We're investing £346m to reduce the threat of sewer flooding at 2,500 properties by 2015.

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