Mogden sewage treatment works

Mogden Sewage Treatment Works is our third largest treatment works. It was built between 1931 and 1935 at a cost of £1.7m and covers an area of 55 hectares.

Over half of the power used by the plant is renewable energy that has been generated on site as part of the sewage treatment process.

The works serves around 2.1 million people, and some of the wastewater has travelled over 20 miles by the time it reaches Mogden.


Our work to upgrade the site continues, with:

  • £12 million to replace existing assets to improve efficiency, serviceability and performance.
  • £10 million to install three combined heat and power engines, to increase serviceability and generation.
  • £9 million to replace the air blower feed pip work and blowers to battery activated sludge treatment processes.

We have recently extended Mogden to significantly reduce the number of times partially-treated sewage overflows into the River Thames when the works become overloaded after heavy rain.

More about the Mogden Sewage Treatment Works upgrades

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