Sewerage catchment studies

Sewer flooding and loss of service (restricted toilet use) are the worst results of heavy rainfall and are often linked with surface water and groundwater flooding.

More extreme weather patterns resulting in periods of heavy rainfall, along with the paving over of gardens and the loss of green areas, is increasing the risk of sewer and surface water flooding.

The cost and practicality of resolving internally flooded properties has been rising steadily over the last 10 years. Standard solutions such as increasing sewer capacity have become increasingly difficult to deliver.

What we're doing

We have a five year plan that will help save over 2,100 properties who currently suffer from sewer flooding.

In addition to this plan, we undertook five catchment studies to investigate whether more properties can be protected.

These catchment studies are looking at traditional and new methods to reduce flooding and improve levels of service.

The studies took place in Aldershot, Brent, Oxford, Ravensbourne and Swindon.

These areas have been selected on the basis of a wide range of issues which are not all related to sewer flooding.

The reports are available to download below.