Tackling sewer flooding

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More intense storms resulting from climate change, increased housing development and the paving over of green spaces to provide off-road parking, are all increasing the amount of surface water entering our sewer network.

This, combined with people disposing of inappropriate waste into our sewers, is contributing to an increased risk of sewers flooding homes and properties.


What we're doing

We are investing £346m to reduce the threat of sewer flooding at 2,500 properties by 2015.

This investment will focus on reducing the risk of flooding to properties which have already suffered internal flooding.

A large investment programme is proposed including plans to build underground tanks to collect and store heavy rainfall, increase the capacity of our sewers, and offer flood mitigation to homes at risk.

Sewer inspections

To improve the network of sewer pipes in our region we're carrying out surveys in areas with a history of sewer problems to see if these are being caused by a blockage or collapse in the sewer. This will involve camera survey investigations, water jetting the sewers and mapping their location. This will help reduce blockages and the need for future repairs.

This programme of work is one of the largest we have ever undertaken for our sewer network and will involve checking the condition of the private sewers that came under our ownership in 2011.

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