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Beddington Sewage Treatment Works is a large site in Sutton treating the wastewater of 360,000 people.

The first sewage treatment works in the area was built back in 1902, but the amount of wastewater needing treatment steadily increased after the second world war, and by 1962, it was obvious that a new works was required. Commissioned in 1969, this was constructed across the road and finished in 1974.

The sewer catchment area that Beddington serves extends south of the works to the M25 and also encompasses Croydon, Thornton Heath and Carshalton.

The site produces around 60% of its electricity from converting biogas from digesting sludge into green electricity.

Current work at the site

We are currently investing a significant amount of money in improving Beddington Sewage Treatment Works in order to improve the sewage treatment processes at the site.

These improvements will help to reduce odour emissions in the long run and will help generate green energy to reduce the running costs of the site.

Historically, treated sewage has been stored in lagoons prior to being pumped from the lagoons and spread over the wider site to dry naturally and become inert.

The new processes we are employing at the site will mean that sewage can be treated and then temporarily stored in an ‘enclosed’ covered space (2 Dutch barns) before being taken off site to be used for land restoration and potentially in the future agricultural fertiliser. These processes will significantly reduce the risk of odour emissions from the site.

The barns have now been built and the new treatment processes can start. However, there is still a lot of treated sewage sludge in the old lagoons which must also be pumped out and dried naturally on the wider site. This process will take up to 4 years to complete. Once the sludge in the lagoons is completely removed the lagoons will be decommissioned.

As a good neighbour we will continue to take every precaution with emptying the lagoons in order to minimise odours.

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