Our asset management policy

Last reviewed:

We’re committed to delivering great service for our customers through the way we manage our assets.

We’ve developed five key outcomes in conjunction with our customers. Our Asset Management Policy underpins our approach to meeting these, by delivering optimum asset performance, meeting our regulatory obligations and delivering the best value for our customers.

Our five key outcomes include:

  • Demonstrate to our customers and stakeholders that they can trust us, that we’re easy to do business with and that we care
  • Provide a safe and reliable water and wastewater service that complies with all the necessary standards and is available when our customers want it
  • Limit our impact on the environment and achieve a socially responsible, sustainable business for future generations, including reducing our levels of leakage
  • Provide the level of customer service our customers need, in the most economic and efficient way
  • Provide our customers with easy-to-use contact options when they need us