Supporting information

You can find below a range of supporting information concerning the development of our plan for 2015-20, and how we will measure our performance.

More information

This 'Overview Explanatory Note' outlines our revised plan in the format we submitted to Ofwat in June 2014.

This updated plan followed on from the original version we presented to Ofwat in December 2013. 

Our Outcome Delivery Incentives

In December 2014, our economic regulator, Ofwat, published its final determination on price limits for the five-year period 2015-20.

The determination includes incentives on Thames Water to achieve cost efficiencies and meet or outperform operational performance targets during this period. This document provides details on these incentives.

For further information on our five-year plan for 2015-20 please see our Overview Explanatory Note above.

Reporting on our performance

The document below sets out how we will report our performance against the targets in our five-year plan, and the independent checks we will put in place to verify this.

Technical annexes

In order to give a complete and transparent picture of our reporting policy, we have included three detailed technical annexes. These provide technical detail supporting the measurement of our performance against a range of commitments in our plan.