Bid Assessment Framework

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Encouraging third parties to submit bids for solutions covering water resources, demand management and leakage services that create value for customers is very important to us. These solutions will help us meet our future water needs, as identified in our Water Resources Management Plan, and benefit our current and future customers. Our Bid Assessment Framework (BAF) will provide clarity to third parties on the process that we will apply and how bids will be assessed in line with our key principles of transparency, equal treatment, non-discrimination and proportionality.

We already publish information for third parties and it is important that the BAF is read in conjunction with our Network Access Code, Water Resources Market Information, Trading and Procurement Code and Water Resources Management Plan. Details of how to access these can be found within the BAF.

Our Bid Assessment Framework document can be found here: Bid Assessment Framework March 2020

The process to develop a regional water resources management plan for the South East for WRMP24 has begun; WRSE is releasing its Initial Resources Position Statement outlining our expected water needs for the South East region over the next 80 years, available here:

To accompany this statement, we have released a Periodic Indicative Notice (or PIN) via OJEU which outlines the process for third parties to engage with us to offer solutions as part of the WRMP24 process. The PIN is available here:

Third parties looking to offer solutions to Thames Water as part of the WRMP24 process should contact us to register their interest by emailing by the deadline of the 17th July 2020.

Suppliers will need to provide the following in their email:

  • Project applying for (Title and Reference Number as stated in section II.1.1 of the PIN – for WRMP24, this is 1484 WRMP24 – BAF)
  • Company name
  • 2 x Contact names
  • 2 x Contact phone numbers
  • 2 x Email addresses
  • Whether you are proposing a water supply or demand management/leakage services solution
  • Whether you would like to be considered in the Standard or Fast Track assessment process (The Fast Track process is intended for solutions of up to around 15Ml/d).

Third parties may contact Thames Water at the above address at any time to register their interest, however if this is done after the 17th July 2020, the proposal may be considered within the WRMP24 process, or at Thames Water’s discretion, the WRMP29 process. Proposals which are clearly beneficial, robust and which are smaller in terms of volume of water delivered (Ml/d) are more likely to be considered for inclusion in our programme sooner in the planning process.

On registering their interest, third parties will be registered on Thames Water’s IASTA SmartSource portal within two weeks and provided access to complete an initial pre-qualification (PQQ1) survey.

Should third parties feel that Thames Water has not followed the BAF during a bid assessment process, they may at any time submit a complaint by emailing a copy of the complaint form available here: Bid Assessment Framework complaint form to with the subject line “BAF Complaint”. Complaints will be considered in accordance with the complaints process detailed in Section F of the BAF.

Third parties are welcome to share any feedback they have on our BAF process with using our feedback form available here: Bid Assessment Framework feedback form