Climate change 

Our long-term plans include measures to adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change and steps to reduce our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

We are taking a twin-track approach of managing the unavoidable impacts of climate change on our business, referred to as adaptation, combined with a reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions, which we refer to as mitigation. Our commitment is reflected in our policies and climate change is a central theme in our approach to becoming more sustainable and in our core business planning.

In order to have confidence that we can deliver the essential service to our customers, it is essential that all our partners are sufficiently resilient to the current weather and the impacts of climate change. We want to work with our supply chain to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the goods and services we use.

The Climate Change Act 2008 requires the UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050. Each year we report on our progress against the individual targets we set ourselves.

Our latest Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report report

How are we adapting?

Changes in natural climate variability and weather extremes present risks and opportunities for our business with decisions made now often shaping our long-term capacity to respond to these changes (or our resilience). Since 2010 we have been working to better understanding how climate change could impact our ability to deliver services to our customers. We have made good progress have integrated climate change into our business planning but we have more we need to do. 

Read our short report with illustrative case studies which describe this progress together with our goals for 2020:

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