Our Environmental Policy

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Our Environmental Policy outlines our high-level environmental objectives. It guides our overall approach to good environmental management which is fundamental to our business, and important to our customers and stakeholders.

Our policy recognises that natural resources and the environment are vital to us. We rely on these to run our business and we have the potential to impact upon the environment in many ways.

Our policy describes our approach as part of our wider commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship. In particular, it states we will:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • Identify our significant environmental impacts, and take action to manage these throughout our capital programme and wider work.
  • Include environmental considerations in our business and investment decisions.
  • Protect and, where possible, improve wildlife, and conserve our cultural heritage both on our land and where our activities may have an impact elsewhere.
  • Prevent pollution by effectively managing our activities and those of our suppliers, contractors, partners and trade effluent customers.
  • Balance demand management activities with responsible development of water resources, making sure we use sustainable, integrated water resource management practices in our planning.
  • Promote the adoption of sustainable urban drainage systems to reduce the impact of storm water run-off.
  • Reduce the amount of waste we produce and increase re-use and recycling of waste by managing our waste proactively.
  • Make sure sewage sludge is re-used in a beneficial way.
  • Work with our suppliers, contractors and partners to improve their environmental performance.

Climate Change Policy

Our Environmental Policy is supported by our Climate Change Policy.

Using our policies

We use our policies to help us manage the environmental impacts of our business and improve our performance:

  • Our policy objectives feed into ISO 14001 legislation registers or environmental management systems.
  • Targets are set (for example, through our corporate responsibility reporting and company business planning) to reflect policy objectives where action plans are not already in place.
  • We aim to review our policies annually.
  • When reviewing our policies, we may ask for the independent views of external bodies or partner organisations to challenge our thinking and provide an external perspective on key issues.

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