Our environmental responsibilities

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Environmental protection, including responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, is fundamental to our business.

Overall responsibility for our environmental performance rests with our Chief Executive Officer, who is supported by a team of environmental experts.

We also have a Health, Safety and Environment Committee that advises the Board on any matters affecting the environment and corporate responsibility, along with health and safety.

Management processes

All of our staff need to be aware of the environmental impacts of their decisions and actions, and to take responsibility for protecting the environment in the work that they do.

To help achieve this, we have several management systems and processes in place. We have also ensured that environmental issues are key to our approach to sustainability.

It's not just our impact on the environment that matters either. The environment can affect our activities too.

Climate change, for example, will affect all aspects of our work, from the availability of water in the environment to how we use water and recycle wastewater.

Legislation and policy

Many of our activities and operations are covered by environmental permits, licences or consents that regulate our air emissions, water discharges, abstraction activities and waste management.

Other environmental legislation and policies also affect our work - for example, how we manage our land for wildlife or how we plan our major projects.

Our own environmental experts work closely with our environmental regulators and stakeholders to ensure we meet our environmental obligations and protect or improve the environment across our work and planning.

Planning and reporting

Our annual Corporate Responsibility Report provides more information on key environmental issues affecting our business and how we're managing our own environmental impacts.

The environment is central to our business and to our long-term planning.

Corporate Responsibility Report

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