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The apprenticeship scheme is now open for applications.

Our apprenticeship programme requires dedicated and motivated individuals. To allow us to assess this as well as other critical criteria from our candidates we use the following methods:

The application process:

Stage 1 - Application form

All candidates must submit their application online and must clearly state GCSE Grades or equivalent on their application. You will also need to disclose whether or not you meet the following criteria as you will be assessed on this later in the process:

  • You have good colour vision and can distinguish between red/green to pass the Ishihara colour vision test, take the test here.
  • You are 112kg or under and meet the weight restriction for this role. (This weight restriction is in place due to some of the safety equipment we use to support people in confined spaces.)
  • You agree to be free of facial hair for this role to ensure secure fit of breathing apparatus

The application form also contains some written questions which will require some time to complete. Please put your best efforts into this form.

Stage 2 - Telephone interview

Successful candidates that meet the required criteria will receive a telephone interview from a resourcing consultant.

Stage 3 – Assessment centre

The day consists of a number of items, none of which will be too scary and we will fully brief candidates of what to expect when they are invited. We will also be there to support if there are any questions.

Stage 4 – Medical

These roles require certain criteria to be met to keep you safe out on our sites. You will have already confirmed some of these criteria in your application.

You will first receive a health form to complete. You must answer the questions in this to the best of your knowledge. You will then attend a medical with one of our in house consultants to assess your fitness criteria for this role.

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