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Here is a summary of the types of technician roles we have within our family.

You play a vital role in our operations teams, from inspecting and maintaining our existing electrical equipment to installing new top of the range kit on our wastewater works.

You will work in a fast paced environment diagnosing faults, modifying and repairing motors, pumps and panels in a safe and efficient manner, while simultaneously training and supporting our technical trainees and developing your own career with Thames Water.

No day is the same for our Mechanical and Electrical Technicians who play a crucial role in the running of our operational sites, by inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and testing our electrical and mechanical plant equipment.

You will be responsible for investigating and diagnosing complex faults and carry out repairs during incidents, while taking a proactive approach to improvements in a safe and efficient manner with minimum supervision.

You play a vital role in what we do at Thames Water, helping with the day to day operating of our sewage treatment plants and pumping stations.

You will be responsible for modifying and commissioning new plant equipment to relevant standards and diagnosing and repairing faults on systems and plants, while taking a proactive approach to identifying and reporting on areas for enhancement.

As Project Engineer, you will manage the end to end delivery cycle of multiple engineering projects on both sewage treatment works and pumping stations. You will be responsible for every stage of project delivery from initial scoping through to handing back the completed project.

You will ensure the management and delivery of the projects and that they are executed safely, efficiently and cost effectively, while maintaining process integrity of the sewage treatment works or pumping station.

I enjoy the variety of projects that come through, you just don’t know what is going to land next. It can be a £10k concrete base to £1m plant replacement.

Adrian Mason, Project Engineer

No day is the same for our Maintenance Technicians who play a vital role in the running of our operational sites, by testing, maintaining and problem solving to ensure that services are delivered to time, cost and quality standards.

You will be responsible for accurately reporting faults, highlighting and reporting hazards, near misses and incidents and achieving the highest equipment efficiencies through routine maintenance, breakdown repair and improvement work.

'I love the variety of locations; you just never know where you'll be from one day to the next.

Nigel Camfield, Technician

Learning, development and career progression

You’ll work with your line manager to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which you’ll review regularly throughout the year. You’ll also have support from coaches and mentors.

A great example is the progression from Technician to Performance Manager. The role of a Performance Manager is vital in the success of any organisation and at Thames Water we realise the importance of good leadership.

The career pathway supports anyone looking to make the transition from Technician to Performance Manager, by enabling them to experience elements of a Performance Manager’s role.

Next steps

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