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Our employees are based at several sites across London and the Thames Valley.

With a vast range of roles and responsibilities ranging from public affairs to network specialists, our roles can be based in offices or out in the field, or sometimes a bit of both.

Our main sites are detailed below, but there are also lots of smaller ones:

Clearwater court

Clearwater Court is our head office and is home to our corporate teams such as Finance, HR, Communications, Environment, Sustainability, Strategy and Regulation and IT.

It is located next to the River Thames and Reading train station so it's not just a convenient place to work but also an enjoyable location, with some great views of the river and playing fields.

It has a fully serviced restaurant, which overlooks a courtyard where during the warmer months, employees can enjoy their lunch.

Being based near the river, it is a popular running spot for employees. Clearwater Court has shower facilities and a bike rack for those who bike to work or enjoy a lunchtime run.

Kemble Court

Kemble Court is also known as our Operations Management Centre.

Located on Reading's Green Park business centre, it houses all our office based operations employees, bringing together all our key operation functions under one roof for the first time. This ensures our operations function is joined up so we can deliver a better service for our customers.

Among other teams, it is home to our Operational Contact Centre and Control Team, who from the one site can control our entire water network.

Green Park is conveniently located and is accessible by major roads, public transport.

Walnut Court

Walnut Court is the home of our revenue Contact Centre, where almost 550 of our employees are based.

It is based on Kembrey Park, just outside of Swindon.

It has a coffee shop, restaurant and free vending machines for hot drinks.

Mogden Sewage Treatment Works

Mogden Sewage Treatment Works is one of the largest sewage treatment works in the UK.

Situated near Twickenham rugby stadium, it serves 1.4 million people living and working in the area.

Some of the wastewater it treats has travelled over 20 miles by the time it reaches Mogden. We put the waste to use by using it to generate half of the sites energy needs.

We're continually investing in Mogden, providing odour control and increasing the sites operating capacity to deal with future population increases.

There is parking at the site, a daily sandwich delivery van and a supermarket just a short stroll down the drive. There is also a room for employees to use during breaks.

Maple Lodge

Maple Lodge in Rickmansworth is one of our large operational sites. It is manned 24 hours a day and treats wastewater for almost 500,000 people.

It is home to our operational, maintenance, shift and administration teams as well as a stunning nature reserve which is managed by a local conservation group on our behalf. For a small annual fee, employees can become a member of the reserve and enjoy the wildlife and views.

There site has plenty of parking for employees and visitors and has a room for taking breaks and a sandwich delivery service for snacks and refreshments.

Spencer House

Spencer House is where our sampling and laboratory testing takes place.

There are around 90 employees based here, working in several teams including, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Metals Department, Soils and Sludge Department, and Cryptosporidium and Analytical areas.

The laboratory support function carries out over 500,000 tests a year.

The site is well served by roads and public transport and there is ample parking for both employees and visitors.

There is a large break-out room, complete with vending machines for snacks and refreshments. There are also restaurants and supermarkets just a few minutes walk away.


Crossness is our largest operational site in south London and treats waste from homes and businesses across the area.

It is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year site, where we also turn waste into renewable energy using a sludge powered generator.

Our maintenance and some of our operational asset management teams are based here. It is also home to the Crossness Engines Trust, an organisation which restores beam engines dating back to 1899 and Crossness nature reserve and attracts a wide variety of bird life including rare migrant species.

All areas have break out facilities and there are shops a short drive away.

There is plenty of parking for employees and visitors and the train station is approximately two miles away, which has a frequent service into London and Kent.

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