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From the Army to Thames Water

I have been doing this for 2 years now and absolutely love it, it’s very challenging and diverse but what I am learning is fantastic, and the people who work for me are a great team.

Spencers story

A day in the life of a network service technician

From hunting out leaks in basements to keeping customers informed every step of the way see how network service technician (NST) Craig spends his days.

See how Craig spends his days

Focus on Finance - Clare

There are plenty of opportunities in Thames to go on training, whether that is being sponsored for a professional qualification or a day long courses.

Clare - Senior Management Accountant

From the RAF to Thames Water

At a careers fair I approached the Thames Water stand and one of the recruitment team pointed out I could transfer my skills into an Operations role with the company.

My transition from the RAF into Thames Water

James Brown - Delivery Manager

I took an apprenticeship at Thames Water as I was impressed by what I had seen at the recruitment centre.

James Brown - Delivery Manager

Focus on Finance - Teresa

One of the best things about Thames is the opportunities available to its employees. Since joining Thames Water in 1999 I have had just over 10 different roles within the company.

Financial Controller – Customer Service

Focus on Finance – Mal

I receive great support from my boss who puts my career development first, which helps me to make the right decision, take on a new challenges and continue to stretch myself.

Mal - Finance Projects Manager

Focus on Finance - Ellis

I would like to share some of the opportunities and challenges I have faced at Thames Water allowing me to arrive at my current position.

Ellis – Finance Graduate

Focus on Finance - Nicola

The best thing about my role as Senior Management Accountant is that I am constantly on the move and rarely spend a whole day sitting at my desk.

Nicola - Senior Management Accountant

Focus on Finance - Catherine

The key advantage for working at Thames Water is the wide range of career paths available.

Why I chose Thames Water

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