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Our Wholesale Waste and Water business is committed to improving every level of service to our 15 million customers.

Our role is to ensure customers can turn on the tap and get access to top-quality drinking water, day and night, as well as safely transporting and treating waste, returning it back to the environment once customers have used it.

This involves supplying more than a tonne of water a week and recycling waste safely back to the environment.

That's 2,600 million litres of water and 2,800 million litres of sewage a day - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We run 67,000 miles of sewers, 2,530 pumping stations, 350 waste treatment works and 150 water treatment works, which create enough natural energy to power a city the size of Oxford.

Innovation drives our business with many technology firsts for the UK, including manufacturing gas for the national grid and the recovery of phosphorus from wastewater.

How we treat our water and sewage.

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