New home sought for 3-tonne Archimedes Screw

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Archimedes Screw at Farnborough sewage treatment works

A new home is being sought for an incredible piece of engineering that served Farnborough for more than 30 years. 

As part of an upgrade of the one of the town’s sewage pumping stations in 
Eelmoor Road, a giant Archimedes Screw measuring 11 metres in length and weighing three tonnes is being replaced. 

Having been involved in the movement of effluent, it is classed as contaminated and has little or no scrap value, but once sandblasted and cleaned it could get a new lease of life as the centrepiece of a science park or as a modern art installation.

Adrian Hurford, Thames Water field operations manager, said: “The Archimedes Screw has served us really well over the past 30 years but we’re always investing in new technology and are replacing it with two submersible pumps that will do the job faster and more efficiently.

“Rather than just scrap it, it would be great if someone could re-purpose it into a piece of public art for future generations to admire and, at around twice the height of a giraffe and weighing as much as a hippo, it would certainly make a big statement.”

Anyone interested in acquiring the Archimedes Screw can email