Reporting pollution

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Any reports of pollution from our sewer networks or sewage works into rivers and watercourses are treated seriously.

How to report an incident

If you see evidence of pollution or believe an incident may be imminent, please let us know straight away by calling 0800 316 9800 24 hours a day.

Our pollutions team will investigate the issue immediately usually sending a technician to assess the problem straight away.

If it is our sewers or our works causing the problem we will:

  • Take immediate action to stop the pollution
  • Undertake a thorough assessment of the cause of the pollution and any environmental impact
  • Inform the Environment Agency of the incident - the Environment Agency regulates our activities and looks after rivers and watercourses in England
  • Clean up any affected areas
  • We will also do everything we can to make sure the problem is prevented from happening again

What we'll need to know

  • What you saw
  • When you saw it
  • Where you saw it, a postcode or road name is helpful but a note of any local landmarks or features will also help us locate the problem
  • If the problem is still happening and if sewage is still entering a watercourse

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